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this is the main river that flows from the lake, and is a very popular place to fish. its deepest parts can be up to five or six feet deep, while its shallowest places are around two to three feet deep.

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this river is smaller than the greater river, and joins the greater river, forming the island that is riverclan's camp. being a slower, calmer, and shallower river, it is safer, and is usually used to teach apprentices how to fish and swim, however warriors still come here looking for easier, slower prey to catch.

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completing nearly half of riverclan's eastern territory is a very large marsh. this marsh lies between riverclan and the horseplace and windclan. although fish cannot be found even in the small pools of water here, a whole delicacy of other types of prey can be caught, although the riverclan cats would choose fish over frogs any day.

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despite the distance needed to travel, the marsh and horseplace along the way, riverclan still will. out of necessity, check this border to make sure windclan isn't getting any ideas about sneaking over for some extra morsels.

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the border with shadowclan is the thunderpath between the two territories. during leaf-bare, monsters are rarely seen patrolling this thunderpath, however they are common during greenleaf, when twolegs come to frolic stupidly in the lake, or ride around in their water monsters which they tie to the halfbridge at the end of the thunderpath.

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riverclan owns its own share of the lake's shore, the southwestern part. although the only fish found swimming near the shore are tiny minnows, the riverclan cats love to swim and play around there, searching for shiny things in the water that may have been washed ashore.

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southwest of the lake, the riverclan territory is characterized by lush trees of many types, especially willows, and streams swimming with plentiful fish. the land itself is mainly marshy and fertile, creating a haven for riverclan cats, and for no other clan, making nearly the whole of the territory easily defensible. to the north is a thunderpath creating the border with shadowclan, leading to an odd twoleg place where twolegs come during greenleaf to play on the halfbridge and in their water monsters. although they are to the west of windclan, they actually do not share a common border with each other, being divided by a thick border consisting of hazardous marsh, the horseplace, and the twoleg place right beside it.
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